Norwegian Pick-Up Bandweaving

by Heather Torgenrud
"A complete book about Norwegian pick-up bandweaving, from its fascinating history to beautiful bands you can make yourself, with more than 100 pattern charts from bands in museum collections. Part 1 tells the story of how these bands were used in the rural communities of 18th and 19th century Norway, as stocking bands, swaddling bands, and more. Part 2 looks closely at twenty bands brought to America by Norwegian immigrants, and what they tell us about traditional patterns, colors, and materials. Part 3 has clear and concise instructions for weaving pick-up on simple, traditional band heddles, and these instructions can also be adapted to other kinds of looms. Meticulously researched, easy-to-read, and profusely illustrated, this book is destined to become a classic in this field. It will interest not only weavers but anyone who appreciates textile arts, folk costumes and Norwegian culture."©2014 Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
Hardcover, 176pp. 2014
57076 24.99