The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly

Life Wisdom from Someone Who Will (Probably) Die Before You,
by Margareta Magnusson, Sweden.
Revealing her discoveries about aging—some difficult to accept, many rather wondrous, Magnusson reflects on her idyllic childhood on the west coast of Sweden, the fullness of her life with her husband and five children, and learning how to live alone. Preparing for and understanding the process of growing older and the joys and sorrows it can bring, her ultimate message is that we should not live in fear of death but rather focus on appreciating beauty, connecting with our loved ones, and enjoying our time together. Wise, funny, and eminently practical, this is a gentle and welcome reminder that, no matter your age, there are always fresh discoveries ahead, and pleasures both new and familiar to be encountered every day.
Hardcover, 146pp. 2022