The Sea Queen

by Linnea Hartsuyker.
Second in the trilogy, this viking saga is filled with rich history, romantic adventure, and political intigue.
Svanhild Eysteinsdatter has escaped a forced marriage, and found the freedom she craves with Viking explorer Solvi Hunthiofsson. But he is her brother Ragnvald's archrival, and his ambition draws him back to Norway's battles, which keeps Svanhild separated from her family. Her brother is  forced to leave home to fight for King Harald, confronting treachery at every turn. Svanhild is a woman determined to make her own future, but finds herself with no good choices. As the political landscape grows more perilous, and while Ragnvald's rapid ascent has created enemies and allies, actions will have irrevocable repercussions for the fate of those they love, and for Norway itself.
Paperback, 445pp. 2018