The Golden Wolf

by Linnea Hartsuyker.
Viking-age Scandinavia, a world of brutality, where shifting alliances and vengeance can build kingdoms...or tear them down, comes to life in this stunning conclusion of the trilogy begun in The Half-Drowned King. The fates of Ragnvald and his sister Svanhild unfold. Ragnvald has long held to his vision of King Harald as a golden wolf who will bring peace to Norway as its conqueror. His sister, the fierce and independent Svanhild, is now at his side to help keep their kingdom secure. While Svanhold is happy to be reunited with her beloved brother, and enjoys more freedom than ever before, she is restless and lonely. When an old enemy of Ragnvald’s kidnaps his niece, Freydis, his sister follows the daughter she has neglected to Iceland, where an old love awaits. This strange new land offers a life far different from what each has left behind, as well as unexpected challenges and choices. Ragnvald, too, must contend with change. His sons—the gifted Einar, the princely Ivar, and the adventurous Rolli—are no longer children. Harald’s heirs have also grown up. Stepping back from his duties as king, he watches as his sons pursue their own ambitions. But Norway may no longer be large enough for so many would-be kings. Yet as old heroes fall, new heroes arise in a world of danger, passion, power, and glory.
Paperback, 416pp. 2019