Stolen - A Novel

by Ann-Helén Laestadius, Kiruna, Sweden. She is Sámi and of Tornedalian descent, two of Sweden’s national minorities. 
translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles.
On a winter day north of the Arctic Circle, Elsa, a nine-year-old Sami girl, sees a man kill her beloved reindeer and threaten her. Local police tell them that there is nothing they can do about these “stolen” animals. But reindeer are not just the Sámi’s livelihood, they also hold spiritual significance; attacking a reindeer is an attack on the culture itself. Ten years later, hatred and threats against the Sámi keep escalating, and more reindeer are tortured and killed in Elsa’s community. Finally, she’s had enough and decides to push back. The hunter comes after her this time, leading to a catastrophic final confrontation. Based on real events.
Paperback, 390pp. 2021/Eng2023