Inari Sámi Folklore

Stories from Aanaar
by August V. Koskimies and Toivo I. Itkonen
revised by Lea Laitinen
edited and translated by Tim Frandy.
A rich comprehensive collection of Sámi oral tradition. Folktales, legends, joik songs, and more, collected between 1886 and 1914 from storytellers who lived in the arctic Aanaar (Inari). Chapters include: Joik Songs, Other Songs, Animal Tales, Fairy Tales, Short Tales, Humorous Stories and Anecdotes, Belief Legends, Historical and Regional Legends, Stories about Čuđit, Peeivih-Vuáláppá, Stories about the Skolt Sámi, Hunting Stories, Personal Experience Narratives, Proverbs and Figures of Speech, Riddles, Omens and Signs. 
Paperback, 250pp. 1978/2019