50 Things You Should Know About the Vikings

by Philip Parker.
For 300 years the Vikings terrorized the world, but they also created beautiful art, told epic stories and kept a well-ordered society. Learn the hidden side of Viking history in this fact packed book. Known for their vicious raids, love of treasure, and fearsome warriors, the Vikings are remembered as the most feared invaders of the Medieval period. But did you know, they also created a peaceful, well-ordered society full of rich art and culture?
50 Things You Should Know About the Vikings explores every aspect of Viking life, revealing the softer side to these nordic peoples that History forgets. Go beyond the battles and adventures to look at the everyday lives of the Vikings: what they traded, how they made and sailed their famous long ships and how their contribution to art, culture, and literature has influenced our modern world.
Flex-cover paperback, 80pp. 2017