Victim 2117

A Department Q novel,
by Jussi Adler-Olsen, Denmark.
To three people, the death of the unnamed victim - the two thousand one hundred and seventeenth refugee to die in the Mediterranean Sea - sets off a chain of events that throws Department Q, Copenhagen’s cold cases division into a deeply dangerous—and deeply personal—case. For troubled Danish teen Alexander, the death becomes a symbol of everything he resents and the perfect excuse to unleash his murderous impulses in real life. For Ghaalib, one of the most brutal tormentors from Abu Ghraib—Saddam Hussein’s infamous prison - Victim 2117 is the first step in a terrorist plot years in the making. And for Department Q’s Assad, Victim 2117 is a link to his buried past - and the family he assumed was long dead. The thinly spread Department Q will need to stay one step ahead of their most lethal adversary yet if they are to prevent the loss of thousands of innocent lives. Paperback, 468pp. 2021