Moomin and the Moonlight Adventure

based on the stories of Tove Jansson, Finland, with full page colorful illustrations.
Moomin sees it's such a nice day, he's eager for an adventure. They'll all sail to Lonely Island and look for treasure! But by the time they're ready to go, the sun has fallen. Oh well, they say, we'll have a moonlight adventure. Moominmamma packed the food for a picnic, Mooninpappa brought his fishing gear, Mooomin and Snorkmaiden are ready for finding treasure. As they sailed out to the island, Snorkmaiden looked down into the water and was certain she saw treasure. Little My said it's just a reflection of the moon. Then Moomin dove in to find out, discovering a beautiful pearl in a shell. So happy, they continued their adventure on the island. What fun! Ages 3-7
Hardcover, 28pp. 2011/2022