Danse mi vise (Dance my Song)

by Kelpie, Kerstin Blodig and Ian Melrose. With all the favorites requested by their international audience: some will make you dance, some might even make you a bit melancholy, This is the emotional spectrum life has ro offer. All of the songs are the group's favorites and come directly from the heart. This is another Kelpie-style acoustic album with minimakistic but poignant and expertly crafted arrangements on acoustic guitars, voices, bodhron, whistles,mandolin and bass. English titles are sung in English.

  1. Våren din Kerstin Blodig
  2. Dearg Doom
  3. Polsdans fra Lofoten
  4. Lord Mongrave and the Lady Green
  5. Beautiful Parade
  6. Vise for gæne jinter
  7. Born at the Right Time
  8. Danse mi vise
  9. Brudhisslåt/Det annet brudesatykke
10. I mine kåte ungdomsdagar
11. Scraps
12. Summertime