Play It Again, Ole!

played by The New Ole Hendricks Orchestra.
Music for a little dance hall on the prairie from the rare 1890's tunebook of Norwegian-born fiddler and band leader Ole Hendricks, now revived and reimagined by seasoned Nordic dance musicians Vidar Skrede and Beth Hoven Rotto, fiddles, and archivist Amy Shaw. 2019

Quadrille Set 1
1. No.1 
  2. No.2
  3. No.3 - Polka

  4.Schottische Crescent
  5. Polka in D
  6. Vals in A
  7. Olave Schottische
  8. Waltz of Spand Berg

Quadrille Set 2
  9. No.1
 11.No.3 - Rosendale

 12.Reinlender in E
 13.Polka in A
 14.Bergens Vals
 15.Reinlender in B-flat
 16.Polka in F
 17.Reinlender in A
 19.Polka in E