Sånger Från Norr II

Lisa Lestander is known as one of the singers in the vocal group Kraja. During her studies in Swedish traditional singing at the Conservatory of Music in Falun and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, she noticed the lack of documentation of songs from Sweden’s northernmost provinces. Research in music archives of the area resulted in the discovery of the songs that we hear on “Songs from the north II”. 
The songs are interpreted and arranged by Lisa, together with Mats Öberg, the limitless multi-musician who could be stated as... the Mozart of synths and Jonas Knutsson, one of Sweden’s foremost folk-, jazz and improvisational musicians, who moves freely between different musical worlds. 

1, Varför sjunger fågeln
2. Vore du ett blad
3. Bröllopsvisa
4. Den västerbottniske eigrantens avsked
5. Polska från Vilhelmina
6. Evighet
7. Till Sofi
8. Pingelin