The Tune Machine - Baltic Crossing

"No man on earth was prepared for the sound!" You will hear youthful energy and the synergy of musicians who love to play together in every tune on Baltic Crossing's latest album. Traditional dance tunes from Denmark, Finland, Scotland and other European countries mix seamlessly with modern tunes written by band members. Rhythmic and driving dance tunes share the album with quiet introspective tunes, all expertly performed. Baltic Crossing band members are Kristian Bugge (Denmark) - fiddle; Esko Järvelä (Finland) - fiddle, viola and harmonium; Antti Järvelä (Finland) - double bass, mandolin, fiddle and harmonium; Andy May (UK) - Northumbrian pipes, piano; Ian Stephenson (UK) - guitar, melodeon; and Timo Alakotila (Finland) - piano, joins as guest.

1. Risumäki Satiainen
2. Goodnight Salonkylä
3. International Jigs
4. Marches
5. Menuet from Falster
6. Schottische
7. Central Point
8. Slängpolska
9. Regular Set
10.Emily Rock
11.Whirling Waltz
12.New Fang
13.Wedding Guests