Tral, Tråd & Traditioner

Fantastic songs from many time periods. Happy songs and joking songs, but also deep and heartfelt ballads featuring stories about failure, longing and eternal love. Tradition carrier and singer Mia Guldhammer and guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup give a broad selection. The melodies are beautiful and good fun, and the stories behind the songs not only move and entertain you, they also offer substance for thoughts, even if some of them are several hundred years old. The songs are arranged for vocals and guitar, spiced up with 'mouth music' and instrumentals inspired by traditional as well as new music from Denmark.

  1. Brudegaverne
  2. Sorgen/Håbets Dans
  3. Polka Umulius
  4. Hvordan Vil Du Forsørge Jer
  5. Rundt På Gulvet
  6. Hare Løb/Hyppää Pois
  7. Sig Mig Hvor Mange Har Elsket Dig?
  8. Å Min Nikolaj 
  9. Luse Nætters Polska
10. En Sang Jeg Fremfører/Bette Mand
11. Hyttevisen/Lysets Engel
12. En Lørdag Aften Så Kom Op Til Mig