Trio Hardanger

Ase Teigland, Knut Hamre & Frank Rolland, hardanger fiddle.
This CD presents the hardanger fiddle in traditional and contemporary style. Three of Norway's most acclaimed hardanger fiddlers perform their interpretations of Norwegian folk tunes played by legendary fiddler Halldor Meland. The CD features both solo and ensemble selections. As an ensemble, the fiddlers draw energy from each other that infuses the three trio arrangements with vitality. 21 tunes in all. (18 solo; 6 by each of the three fiddlers).

  1. Rudl  brureslått
  2. Kristi Hovden  springar
  3. Folkedalen  springar
  4. Vestmannen  springar
  5. Kjømbergen  brureslått
  6. Ungakoneslåtten  springar
  7. Apalhagen  springar
  8. Urheimen  brureslått
  9. Siklebekken  springar
10. Anna Knutsdotter  springar
11. Hallingdølen  springar
12. Sivlefossen  springar
13. Vestlendingen  springar
14. Moldnuten  vals
15. Vadlandshovden  rudl
16. Vadlandshovden  springar
17. Lengt  lydarstykke
18. Lindehaugen  springar
19. Hamlagrøen  brureslått
20. Bjølleslåtten  springar
21. Kongstunen  rudl