Tjärnblom Nicollet Island Waltz

Tjärnblom is the name of a Swedish flower and this album is yet another flower born in Minneapolis' Scandinavian American music community. Two nyckelharpas (Swedish key fiddle) played by Cheryl Paschke and Mary Crimi are joined by the sound of harmonium (Val Eng) and octave mandolin (Joe Alfano). The result is a beautiful blending of string and wind sounds. The tunes are a journey through several provinces in Sweden, new tunes from Minnesota, three tunes from Finland and a Gaelic melody as well. The exquisite arrangements of the tunes delight the ear. Tjärnblom loves to play music for dancing. So be prepared to keep your feet moving as you listen to their joyful Swedish folk music.

1. En kvällsvisa
2. Gånglåt från Gryttby
3. Le Vals de L´Isle de Nicollet
4. 30-års jiggen
5. Skålarna
6. Drottningens marsch
7. Hans Lankarin sotiisi
8. Hurmuri
9. Halsualainen alotus
11.Jämtland brudmarsch
12.The Lovers' Waltz
13.Schottis från Hillebola
15.Stoltman's Dad's Waltz
16.Mari's Wedding/Ten Pound Snowflake