Folk Music from Norway

Lief Sørbye, originally from Oslo, Norway, has collected some of his favorite songs from his home country. This beautiful and varied selection of traditional Norwegian folk dances and songs, presented in a contemporary form, is played with Hardanger fiddles, double bass, accordion, harp, keyboards and percussion. Insert contains original lyrics with explanations in English. You don't have to know Norwegian to appreciate the music, but you might find yourself trying to sing along anyway.

  1. Lieto
  2. Tussa lulla
  3. Mazurka
  4. Jenta gür pü gulvet; Tater Polka: Jenta gür...
  5. Eikerril
  6. Valse du caribou
  7. Anglais
  8. Schottis frün Idre
  9. Kjerringa pü seter'n
10. Bruramarsj frü Vefsn
11. Polka efter A
12. Polska I
13. Skotsk ril
14. Hansen's Polka; èlborg Polka
15. Norsk schottis
16. Hanen stend pü Stabbursshella
17. Brekke Enkja; Margit og Torgeir (Springdans);
18. SINngpolska
19. Johanneksen polka
20. Gîkvisa
21. Syndebukken
22. Nordfjordvalsen