Änders Hand and Body Moisturizers

These Änders hand and body moisturizers are formulated using jojoba oil as a base and Arctic Lingonberry Extract from Sweden (an anti-oxidant ingredient that is excellent for skin cell regeneration and reduction in wrinkles) resulting in a blend that creates a very premium moisturizer. For hand & body.
Icelandic Juniper
Finnish Sauna - Siberian fir and pine or
Arctic Lingonberry

Natural ingredients do make a major difference! Anders Natural Soap Company of North Carolina donates 1% of total pre-tax sales to a non-profit organization which acts to preserve and conserve natural resources in the North Carolina area. You benefit from using Anders' 100% natural and largely organic soaps and lotions and the environment benefits, too!

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Iceland Juniper H&B Moisturizer
Finnish Sauna H&B Moisturizer
Arctic Lingon H&B Moisturizer