Table Top Flags

Table Top Flags

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Table Top Flags


SKU: GR1487

To brighten any setting where you want to fly your colors!
Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark or Finland.
or United States (not shown).
100% light nylon, 4×6” on a 10” pole. 
Table Top Flags sold individually. 

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Product Name Price Qty
Table Flag Sweden 4x6"
SKU: P0723S
$ $4.00
Table Flag Norway 4x6"
SKU: P0723N
$ $4.00
Table Flag Iceland 4x6"
SKU: P0723I
$ $4.00
Table Flag Denmark 4x6"
SKU: P0723D
$ $4.00
Table Flag Finland 4x6"
SKU: P0723F
$ $4.00
Table Flag USA 4x6"
SKU: P0723US
$ $4.00