The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia

story by Audrey Smit & Jackie Knapp,
beautiful full-page illustrations by Audrey Smit.
In a village where the flowers grow as big as trees, lives a brave little girl named Lily Huckleberry. As a member of the worldwide Adventure Society, Lily has a magic globe that takes her on whimsical adventures around the world. In this book Lily goes to Scandinavia for a Midsummer party, where she finds herself ker-splat in the middle of a strawberry mystery. As Lily travels around Scandinavia to save Midsummer, she meets a managerie of friends, explores Nordic culture, and discovers the thrill of being brave enough to take big risks. Beautiful, timeless cover with gold foil & linen binding. Includes a map of Scandinavia + fun facts + a glossary so kids can learn about new cultures.
Hardcover, 96pp. 2019