The Moomins and the Great Flood

by Tove Jansson, Finland.
Here in their very first adventure, the beloved Moomin characters must cross a dark and sinister forest and find their way through a flood of epic proportions to search for missing Moominpappa!
Written during the 1939-40 Finnish-Soviet Union conflict, or The Winter War, Jansson uses the unusual setting of a natural catastrophe to provide the background of her first children’s book and the first appearance of her beloved Moomin characters. She wrote this as her escape from the horrors of war and its many consequences, using these as a basis for the many obstacles that the characters face, from separated families to forced displacement. With beautiful black and white artwork interspersed throughout the text and curious, playful prose, you find yourself rooting for the Moomins and their quest to find Moominpappa and a place to call home.
Hardcover, 64pp. 1940/2018