The Official Welcoming of Summer…
Midsummer, an observation of the longest day of the year, is celebrated in each of the Scandinavian countries. Midsummer, originally a pagan holiday, is celebrated on the day of John the Baptist and is now held on the weekend closest to the summer solstice.  Create your Midsummer (or any summer) meal
and table to enjoy the well-deserved warm days Scandinavian style.

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  1. Sweden Map Bowls

    Sweden Map Bowls

    Starting at: $19.00

    SKU: GR2335

  2. Anita Cutting/Serving Board

    Anita Cutting/Serving Board

    Starting at: $6.00

    SKU: GR0137

  3. Nybro Glass Boat Bowls

    Nybro Glass Boat Bowls

    Starting at: $44.00

    SKU: GR6F05

  4. Sweden Towel

    Sweden Towel

    SKU: 49878

  5. Essence White Wine Glasses

    Essence White Wine Glasses

    SKU: 42273

  6. Essence Red Wine Glasses

    Essence Red Wine Glasses

    SKU: 42274

  7. Large Kartio Tumblers

    Large Kartio Tumblers

    Starting at: $28.00

    SKU: GR2275

  8. Blue Dewdrop Platter

    Blue Dewdrop Platter

    SKU: 42880

  9. Green Midsummer Pole

    Green Midsummer Pole

    SKU: 45558

  10. Almond Cake Pan

    Almond Cake Pan

    SKU: CW1000

  11. Swedish Pancake Mix

    Swedish Pancake Mix

    SKU: FD9109

  12. Anna's Pepparkakor

    Anna's Pepparkakor

    Starting at: $2.45

    SKU: GR1430

  13. A Swedish Midsummer Tale

    A Swedish Midsummer Tale

    SKU: 4250

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