Lecture with Viking Helmet and Norwegian Flag     
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Professor  Culture Classes

Exploring the Runes

Kari Tauring, Nordic Roots educator and author of 
Runes, A Human Journey, will give you a thorough overview of runes.
In the first hour, Kari will share the historical background and linguistic family roots
of the Elder Futhark through stories, songs and artifacts. The Cosmic Cow,
goat migrations, male/female balance, sacred trees and waterways are all part of the story of the runes.
In the second hour, the class will explore each letter of the three ætts (family groupings)
in the Elder Futhark and see how the runes tell the history you just learned!
In the third hour, Kari will translate your name into runes and help you explore and express your own name in rune shape, song and stance. We will touch on the use of runes in charms, spells, and divination. $30
Saturday, March 7       9:30 to 12:30