Lecture with Viking Helmet and Norwegian Flag     
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Professor  Culture Classes

Fleece Fest!

Fleece Fest gives adults and children the hands-on experience of turning a fleece into yarn. Come springtime, we take our
jackets off, and sheep do, too. How do those fibers become things we wear? especially when and where it's cold - like wintertime
in Minnesota and Scandinavia. Stick your hands into some of the steps of age-old processes that people once had to do to survive, but now many do for fun. Everyone will make and take away a spindle, as well as fleece to spin. Martha Zemur leads all comers
in a hands-on, sometimes messy, and always fun process of learning about sheep, working with fleece, and spinning yarn.
$5   13 to adult
$10   One adult and one child (Thank you for accompanying all children under age 13)
$15   Maximum family charge
One 2.5 hour class.
Saturday, June 13        2 to 4:30