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Professor  Culture Classes

Fiber Arts and Magic in Norse Tradition

Fiber Arts and Magic in Norse Tradition - Kari Tauring

Spindle, shuttle, and needle were more than tools of material creation.
They were used to describe the cosmos and even to manipulate the fibers of the universe. Folk stories, songs, and myths tell us much about the power of fiber arts in the lives of the Nordic people. Kari Tauring illuminates the connections of fiber arts and magic in Norse tradition through these stories, songs, and drop spinning! 

One 2-hour class. $20
Saturday, March 26       10 to noon

Introduction to the Elder Futhark Runes

Intro to Elder Futhark Runes Class

Learn the basics of the oldest known alphabet in Scandinavia!
Kari Tauring, author of The Runes: A Human Journey, will give an overview of the twenty-four letters that comprise
the Elder Futhark (named after the first six letters in the alphabet). Learn its history and uses throughout time.
Kari will teach you to write your name in the Elder Futhark and will explain its runic meaning. $20

Saturday, April 23      10:30 to 12:30

This class will be held at Norway House, 913 E. Franklin Avenue, on the main level