Henning Carvings

In 1947 Henning Engelsen (1918-2005) carved his first pieces at a nature reserve in Rondane, Norway.
In 1947 he founded "Henning" and built the workshop two years later. Even today Henning is still
family owned and all the carving and painting is still done by hand at the workshop in Kapp, Norway.

For more information on the history of Henning, and a look at more pieces, please check
Henning Studio Website - we’ll be happy to quote you a price and order any of them for you.

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  1. Henning Bride and Groom

    Henning Bride and Groom

    Starting at: $139.00

    SKU: GR1270

  2. Henning Hardanger Bride

    Henning Hardanger Bride

    SKU: 22660

  3. Henning Prillarguri

    Henning Prillarguri

    SKU: MB181

  4. Henning's Odin

    Henning's Odin

    SKU: 22698

  5. Henning's Thor

    Henning's Thor

    SKU: 7F0426

  6. Henning Girl Milking Goat

    Henning Girl Milking Goat

    SKU: 22651

  7. Henning Old Fisherman

    Henning Old Fisherman

    SKU: FS1040

  8. Henning Fisherboy

    Henning Fisherboy

    SKU: FS1041

  9. Henning Mushroom Tusse

    Henning Mushroom Tusse

    SKU: 22787

  10. Henning Ski Troll

    Henning Ski Troll

    SKU: S2004

  11. Henning Troll

    Henning Troll

    SKU: 6F029

  12. Henning Troll Boy & Friend

    Henning Troll Boy & Friend

    SKU: W1203

  13. Henning Moose

    Henning Moose

    SKU: NW417

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