For the Love of Cod - Hardcover

A Father and Son's Search for Norwegian Happiness,
by Eric Dregni.
Norway is usually near the top of the World Happiness Report. But is it really? Eric Dregni lived in Norway years ago, and his son Eilif was born there. When Eilif turned fifteen, father and son returned to Norway to investigate this happiness thing. Arriving in May, a month of festivities and eternal sun, they are thrust into Norway at its merriest - and into the reality of the astronomical cost of living there. Lodging with friends and relatives gives them an inside look at the secrets to a better life as locals introduce them to the principles underlying their avowed contentment. So join them on this tour, see the country, its people, and the sometimes odd customs that make them quite unique. A fun read.
Hardcover, 184pp. 2021