A Scandinavian Christmas

The 30-strong, mixed-voice, Seattle-based Choral Arts (formerly Choral Arts Northwest), founded by artistic director Richard Sparks, is one of the outstanding chamber choirs in the United States. Focusing primarily on romantic and contemporary music, the choir's repertoire has ranged from Renaissance music to contemporary Swedish works. In 1997, CAN put together a program of Scandinavian Christmas music with David Dahl as guest organist. This recording consists of works from that popular program. David Dahl also plays seven organ works on the new Fritts organ at PLU in Tacoma.

  1. Jeg er så glad
  2. Organ chorale: Af Hoiheden oprunden
  3. Den yndigste rose
  4. Deilig er den himmel bla
  5. Organ chorale:
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland
  6. Ave Maris Stella (Bror Samuelson)
  7. O
makalösa stjärna
  8. Organ chorale: Guds
Son har gjort mig frie
  9. Ave, Maris Stella (Edvard Hagerup Grieg)
10. O Jul med din glede
11. Organ chorale: In dulci jubilo
12. Ave Maris Stella (Live)
13. Organ chorale: Gammel fa
bodpsalm fran Dalarna
14. Gloria 
15. Jul, jul, strålande jul
16. Organ toccata:
Fra himlen hoyt jeg kommer her
17. 3 Latinska hymner
18. Swedish Christmas Medley
19. Organ:
Sinfonia da chiesa