Johan Svendsen: Norwegian Rhapsodies

Johan Svendsen, a contemporary of Edvard Grieg, is known for his orchestral works inspired by Norwegian folk melodies. The four Norwegian rhapsodies, performed here by the South Jutland Symphony Orchestra with Bjarte Engeset conducting, are among his most popular works. This CD includes two more works by Svendsen: “Romeo and Juliet”, Opus 18 and “Zorahayda”, Opus 11 for over an hour of music. Great music at a great price.

  1. Romeo og Julie (Romeo and Juliet), Op.18
  2. Norwegian Rhapsody No.1, Op.17
  3. Norwegian Rhapsody No.2, Op. 19
  4. Norwegian Rhapsody No.3, Op.21
  5. Norwegian Rhapsody No.4, Op.22
  6. Zorahayda, Op.11

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