Rescued Treasures

Ballads of the Middle Ages,
by Arna Rennan with Georgeanne Hunter.
Ballads gave insight into Noway's history, folk life, religious beliefs and folklore. They were mostly sung by women to the animals and the children as they did their work. These songs from 400 years ago have been researched and rescued by Arna, and she is keeping a part of Norway's history alive.
Words, langeleik and translations are by Arna Rennan, Hardanger fiddle is played by Loretta Kelley. 

  1. Huldrekvedet
  2. Tora Liti
  3. De Frealouse Menn
  4. Ola Tjedn
  5. Gullsmed Dottera
  6. Felelat
  7. Rosensfole
  8. Det er Sa Vent I Vinje Kyrkje
  9. Horpa
10. Barbro Myhre's Halling
11. Draugefen
12. Kyrie