The Nordic Cook Book

by Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson.
Both incredible and practical, this comprehensive cookbook captures the current food culture of Scandinavia with authenticity, information and good instruction, made even more inspiring through Nilsson's remarkable photography. A big book, with a long shelf life. Hardcover, 768pp. 2015

Ingebretsen's in house review... 
"There are very few cookbooks that include a decent recipe for whale, yet you’ll find that and much more in this 767-page book complete with photos and illustrations. Nilsson leads us on a historical exploration of the foods of Scandinavia. Eatable delights range from Princess Torte to everyone’s Friday night favorite: Taco Quiche. Nilsson reveals the overlooked foods, the tradition and preparation along with insightful and humorous observations. Learn how our ancestors took advantage of the bounty that surrounded them, a tradition that continues but, with modern twists. Explore the secrets of the worlds stinkiest food as well as Cardamom-Vanilla wafers for your morning coffee. This book is a must for every culinary library."

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